Sea-Air Interactions Laboratory Celebrates the Successful PhD Defenses of Vitalii Sharmar and Marina Alexandrova

On December 21, 2023, the Sea-Air Interactions Laboratory had the honor of witnessing two of its brightest minds, Vitalii Sharmar and Marina Alexandrova, defend their PhD theses at the esteemed Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The defenses were a showcase of rigorous research and scientific dedication, open to the public and stirring lively discussions among attendees.

Vitalii Sharmar presented his thesis, "Variability of Wind Waves in the Modern Climate According to Observational Data and Numerical Modeling," a cornerstone study that enhances our understanding of wave climate on a global scale. His work, involving the innovative use of WaveWatch III models, NDBC buoy observations, and pioneering SeaVision radar data, culminated in groundbreaking full-scale experiments to restore and verify wind wave parameters. Despite the challenges of juggling applied projects in Arctic ocean modeling, Vitalii's defense was met with unanimous acclaim from the committee.

Marina Alexandrova's thesis, "Reconstruction of Long-term Variability of Cloudiness and Radiation Fluxes over the World Ocean," addressed a critical aspect of climate science, offering new insights into cloud feedbacks and climate sensitivity. Her meticulous work to homogenize historical cloud data and develop algorithms for calculating radiation fluxes has provided invaluable resources for understanding century-long cloudiness and radiation patterns over the oceans. The significance of her research cannot be overstated, and the positive response from her defense is a testament to her exceptional contribution to the field.

Both Vitalii and Marina have been integral to the success of our laboratory's research initiatives, and their PhD work represents significant advancements in our collective understanding of sea-air interactions. Marina will continue her trailblazing research within our lab, further delving into the intricacies of cloudiness and radiation, while Vitalii is set to deepen his study into the topic of ocean waves.

Our heartfelt congratulations extend to Vitalii and Marina, as well as to their scientific advisor, Sergey Gulev, the head of our laboratory, whose guidance and mentorship have been instrumental in their scholarly journey. Their exemplary efforts not only reflect the individual excellence but also reinforce the collective spirit of discovery that defines the Sea-Air Interactions Laboratory.

As we celebrate these milestones, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of marine science research, spurred on by the hard work and success of our team members.

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