The Atlantic cruise AI65

Laboratory employees Gavrikov and Koshkina participated in the scientific expedition AI65 aboard the ship "Akademik Ioffe". Throughout the 75-day voyage, extensive work was conducted to measure the characteristics of sea waves.

The objective of the work was to develop algorithms for obtaining sea wave characteristics such as height, period, and direction of all visible wave packets using a ship's navigation radar. To accomplish this, drift stations were established where, alongside radar deployment, high-precision measurements were conducted using a wave buoy for more accurate comparison. Incidental observations were also made while the vessel was in motion. Utilizing a satellite overflight forecasting model developed in the laboratory, a majority of the observations were performed within the field of view of one or more altimetry satellites, thereby increasing the number of observations.

Throughout the expedition, measurements were taken at 26 drifting stations, with 10 of them lasting over 2 hours, which presents new opportunities for studying the dynamics of sea waves. Additionally, 167 associated radar measurements were conducted, with 127 of them being sub-satellite measurements. Over 11 TB of data was accumulated.

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