The high-resolution 40-year 3D hindcast

The high-resolution 40-year 3D hindcast -- NAAD (North Atlantic Atmospheric Downscaling) has been developed and published (Gavrikov et al., 2020).

The data is available on

The NAAD (North Atlantic Atmospheric Downscaling) provides a 40-year 3D hindcast of the North Atlantic atmosphere (10°N-80°N) at 14 km (HiRes) and 77 km (LoRes) spatial resolution with 50 levels in the vertical (from approximately 10-12 m above the ocean surface up to 50 hPa), performed with a regional setting of the WRF-ARW 3.8.1 model for the period from January 1979 to December 2018 and forced by ERA-Interim as a lateral boundary condition.

The main focus of the NAAD is the long-term atmospheric mesoscale dynamics over the ocean. The NAAD can be also effectively used for forcing ocean and wave models to estimate the impact of the mesoscale activity in the lower atmosphere. The dataset provides a variety of surface and free atmosphere parameters at the model levels.

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