European climate variability

This research is funded by NATO and Russian Foundation for Basic Research. The major co-operative project "Extreme precipitation: their origins, predictability and sicietal impacts" is developed together with the Meteorological Institute of the University of Bonn, Scripps Oceanographic Institution and Odessa State Ecological University.

This project is focused on European and North American climate extremes, primarily on extreme precipitation.

We are developing some new techniques for the quantitative estimation of precipitation extremes and are analysing different mechanisms responsible for the regionally high extreme rainfall. The analysis includes both global and regional reanalyses and European rain gauges (Zolina et al. 2004, 2005).

We are planning to consider European precipitation extremes together with the changes in the cyclone life cycle. As a part of this activity we performed the analysis of long-term variability of European climate with a particular focus on seasonality in long-term climate changes in European temperature and precipitation (Zveryaev 1999, 2004).

This activity is funded under a special NATO-SFP project "Extreme precipitation events: their origins, predictability and societal impacts".



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