Olga Razorenova

Leading research scientist


Extreme Precipitation in June 2021 over the Black Sea in the Context of Long-Term Climate Change
Oceanology 62(3):303-309
A. V. Gavrikov, O. G. Zolina, O. A. Razorenova, M. P. Aleksandrova, S. K. Gulev, and G. L. Stenchikov
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Climatology and Interannual Movements of Upper-Level Frontal Zones in the Middle Troposphere of the Northern Hemisphere
Doklady Earth Sciences . Aug2019, Vol. 487 Issue 2, p995-1001. 7p
Razorenova O.A. and P. A. Shabanov
Correlation Analysis of Interaction between Oceanic Heat Fluxes and Geopotential Gradient Fields in the Middle Troposphere when Meridional and Zonal Processes Dominate
Oceanology. 59. 471-477
Razorenova O.A. and P. A. Shabanov
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